The Core Method

A Simple And Quick Way To Let Go Of Dark, Negative Feelings  In Seconds And Find The Happier You Again.

Every day of our lives is filled with reasons to feel-good emotions and not so good emotions. The good feeling emotions are welcome. We want more of those. But the emotions that don’t feel so good seem to happen to us all too easily and we often feel like we don’t have any choice but to feel bad.

This Is Not True.

You can let go of the bad feelings in a matter of seconds with the method described here. It’s called The Core Method. It’s a very simple and quick way to release or let go of negative emotions and discover that the good feelings you want are always right there inside of you when you clear the garbage (baggage?) out of the way.

You see, the good feelings you want are always inside of you. They never really go away. This is your “Light”. It’s always there. It’s when the bad feelings become louder, denser or more intense than the good ones that they cover up the good feelings and dull your light. Using the Core Method easily clears the bad feelings out of the way so you can feel the good ones again. Also, you can’t make good feelings go away with this method. But you can make them feel even better.

Another very important part of this method is
“The Issues List” found in the contents to the top right side of this site.


To have more peace, more happiness, more joy…

Let Go. It really is easy.

To prepare…

Be aware that your spine, from your tailbone to the top of your head, is where the real work is done. In my twenty-plus years of researching, studying and practicing energetic psychology, all of the best resources taught me that this place in the human body is where you will be able to release any and all negative emotions. I will describe these resources/teachers and what they taught me through experience as I go along here.

Quantum Physicist Confirms it!

To start with, I was really quite impressed to learn that according to the Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland who wrote the book, “Reality Transurfing”, there is a column of energy that runs up the front of the spine and another that runs down. The wider and thicker this column of energy, the more healthy one is. How to make it wider and thicker is to release negative emotions and beliefs. That’s what the Cor Method does.

According to Vadim, in men, this column is one inch in front of the spine. In women, it’s two inches in front of the spine. This column of energy runs in an upward direction. There is another that runs in a downward direction closer to the spine. Both are affected simultaneously with this method when one’s awareness is directed into their center or Core and this causes the release of emotions in seconds.

But in this work, the “precise” shape and position is irrelevant. In this work, “intention” and “imagination” are King. Here’s a picture to help you get the image in your mind so you have an idea what you’re working with.

Now, before anything else, pay attention to your mental/emotional state at this moment. Notice how you feel in your body. Make note of this. Then proceed.


It’s easy to direct your awareness to whatever you choose. Your bank account balance. A compliment from a stranger. The weather. Your job. Your house. Your body. Your left hand. And even your center. Then your spine. See it in your mind’s eye. And if you don’t see pictures in your imagination, just have a sense of it. It works just the same.

Become very aware of your center and this column of energy.

In fact, I like to refer to it as your Core. An acronym for “Column Of Releasing Energy”. The most energetically sensitive part of you as in like when you get a”feeling” about a person, place or thing. This feeling seems to affect your entire body and being. That’s the power of your Core. And your own Core is Very sensitive to your own awareness. 

By directing your awareness into your body so that it touches your Core, you will make changes in your emotions by placing your awareness at the base of your Core starting at your tailbone and allowing your awareness to slowly (slowly in the beginning, more quickly as you get good at it) scan up your Core.

Now close your eyes for a moment. Take a breath and let it out. Get quiet inside. Picture your Core in your mind’s eye. Place your awareness on the Core running up the front of your spine. And as you do this, notice how you feel. 

Feel what it’s like to direct your awareness into your center and into your Core and scan it. Fill your awareness with this sensation of your Core.  Allow the calmness of your Column Of Releasing Energy to affect your mood and feelings.

Now, notice how you feel. Is your mental/emotional state the same as before… or has it changed? It may be a subtle difference, but it will be there. By directing your awareness into this center of your being and into this Column Of Releasing Energy, you have affected a change in your state. This little practice is the crux of the releasing work you will be doing. And it gets better with intention.


A little more background on the Core Method and where it came from.

In 1998, the year I began to discover real healing methods, I was lead to Dr. Brad May and his ECC or “Emotional Complex Clearing”. If you click this link, it will take you to his home page. The essential release Dr. May applies is that of a guided imagery AND stroking down the spine with the fingers. If you will scroll down this page, you will see two small video previews. Dr. May with a curly-haired guy. That’s me with Dr. May in 1998. I learned his method. In it, the spine is central to the emotional release.

This same year, I also found EFT. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I learned it, applied it to myself, my family and friends with wonderful results. I even taught classes on it. As I went along with my healing efforts, I realized that the meridians I was tapping on were all connected into the main or “Governing Meridian” of the body which runs over the head and down the spine to the tailbone. But… I was also becoming interested in finding a more covert way to do the same work. Something I could do “inside” where no one would know I was releasing emotions if I was out in public and felt the need.

Ten years later, I discovered Dr. Brad Nelson and his “Emotion Code”. His essential release consists of stroking down the spine with a magnet or just his fingers. His method is very effective. Again, the spine is central to the emotional release.

Several years later I discovered Kam Yuen and his “Yuen Method”. A 35th generation Shaolin Master. Also one of the technical advisors for many of the fight scenes for the TV series, “Kung Fu” with David Carradine. As the story goes that I heard, many years ago, Kam and his Master both decided it was time to bring one particular healing method used in the Shaolin Monastery out to the public. That of focusing the awareness into the centerline of the body. The spine being the focal point.

I learned this method from one of Kams more prominent students, Paul Wong. At that time, Paul called it “The Art Of Neutrality”. Again, it focuses on the center of the body at the spine and focusing the awareness into it for the emotional release.

And finally, as I mentioned above, recently I discovered Vadim Zeland. The quantum physicist in Russia who wrote the book, “Reality Transurfing”. 765+ pages of a very unique philosophy and life-changing approach to what many study and practice called the Law Of Attraction. And in his book in the chapter on “Energy”, Vadim reveals the discovery of this column of energy that runs up the front of the spine. The same one all the other have been accessing for emotional release for decades!

Over the last 20+ years, I have learned these and many other methods, protocols and techniques of emotional release. Eventually, I began to see the correlations between the ones I felt were most effective and tended to meet my own personal criteria for doing emotional work on myself and others. I took what to me, were the best parts of the methods I used the most and combined them into one system. I call it the “Core Method”.

And now I present it to you. ❤️


Now, What’s Bothering You?

What, in your life, do you feel bad about?

Pick one thing.
Notice how it makes you
Focus on just the
feeling in your body about that story. Be sure you are focused on the feeling, not the story. The story is now in your mind by intention. You will be dealing with the emotions about this story. So only be aware of the story for a moment and then put all of your focus on how it makes you “FEEL” in your body.

To help you gauge your progress, use a “0” to “10” scale. “0” is “No Problem”. “10” is “Take me to the ER!!!” 😉 Notice how intense the emotion is. Where is it on the scale. Make a mental note of this number.

To let go…

Be aware of how you “feel” about that story.

Now, while you are aware of this feeling or emotion, become aware of your center and your Column Of Releasing Energy. Put your awareness into your CORE starting at the tailbone and scan up and out the top of your head all in about one or two seconds. That’s all it takes.

Your Core is Very sensitive. It’s what “lights up” inside of you when you get a feeling about something or someone. It affects your whole body when this happens.

To visualize doing this, imagine your awareness is a very bright flashlight projecting a bright spot of light onto/into your Core starting at your tailbone and shining on it as your awareness scans up and out the top of your head. After you do this, you will notice a change in how you feel about that story.

Stop. Take a breath and let it out.

Now how do you feel about that story?

Is the negative feeling less? Has the intensity come down? Where is it on the “0” to “10” scale now? Or is the intensity gone?

If there’s any left, do it again. It only takes a few seconds. Feel what’s left of that emotion and put your awareness into your Core at the tailbone and scan up in a second or two.

You will feel lighter and lighter as you do this. Only takes a second or two each time. And after you get good at it, the emotions you work on will disappear with the first try. Really quite a magical and freeing thing to experience.


For The Skeptics

At this point, I’ll add a little trick I use with some people.

It is quite common for people who are unfamiliar with energy psychology modalities to be skeptical of there efficacy. In other words, it might be hard for you to believe this simple little trick of the mind can make your very real negative emotions disappear so easily.

I understand.

This is why quite often, one of the first issues I work on with these people is their “skepticism” or feelings of doubt about the modality.

You see, every thought has an associated “feeling” to it. This includes doubt. If you doubt that this Core Method is “all that”, then the first thing to eliminate is your doubt. When you sincerely apply the method to your doubt, it will reduce or eliminate it so you can go on and eliminate the more important and troubling issues in your life.

So, if you doubt it will work, use it on your feelings of doubt.

Here’s how…

First, you must be willing to give this a “sincere” effort. No one is looking. So there is no judgment, OK? 😉

“Think” about this idea where you imagine this Column Of Releasing Energy in the center of your body in front of your spine. Then imagine holding an emotion in your awareness that you’re feeling about some story in your life, all in your imagination, and putting your awareness into this Core to make yourself feel better. “Yea, right!” Pretty silly, huh?

Notice that if you doubt this actually works, that your doubt has a feeling to it.
Notice the intensity of your doubt feeling.

On that scale of “0” to “10”, 10 being the most doubt,
how intense is that doubt feeling? 5? 7? 10?

Now, hold that thought of the intensity of that doubt feeling in your awareness and put your awareness into your Core and scan up and out the top of your head.


Now, check your feeling of doubt. Where is it on the scale now? Is it still the same? Or did it drop down? Or is it possible it disappeared completely? If you still feel some of it, focus on the remaining doubt feeling, hold that feeling in your awareness and do the same thing again. Only takes about two seconds.

By now you should feel an “ease” about using the method. Less resistance. More willingness to really try this method.

Please, go on now and learn why this method is so powerful.


Going Deeper

I created this method over a two year period during 2012 and 2013 based on several energy psychology/healing modalities I have learned, shared and taught over the last 14 years up to that point. It’s a very simple and quick method to apply to yourself once you understand the premise and basis of the method. This document explains this.

This is The Core Method. Something I used to call “The MORE Method”.
agic Of Releasing Energy. Emotions being “Energy in motion”, or E-Motion.

It was the name I used back in 2014 when I finally wrote it all down here. But with all that I have learned over the last many years since, I have decided it is now the Core Method. The Core of the body is the highly sensitive core of life force energy that runs up and down the spine. And your awareness affects it every time you focus it there. Like the old adage says… “Energy flows where attention goes”. True story.

Emotions are a very nebulous thing. We feel them but most people don’t really know how to deal with them effectively. They just do what they can to “cope”. A Very poor life skill. Eventually, if coping is all you ever do, your negative emotions will make your life very difficult in one way or another. But then, you probably know that.

Once you understand how this method works, you can apply it to yourself in seconds anywhere you happen to be at the moment and experience a very real “felt sense” of change in your emotional intensity, no matter what the emotion is or how intense it is.

It works every time. It does not require you to believe. Also, the more you use it, the better it works. What’s more, it takes no particular faith of any kind for it to work. You don’t have to believe in it or anything else for it to work. And if you doubt this, see the section on “doubt” above. 

Know this… If you are willing to follow these instructions,
you will experience deep, positive and lasting emotional changes.

You will also gain control over your emotions. Here’s why…

Every thought produces an emotion.

But only every single one.

Think any thought you like and notice how it has an emotional element to it that you can feel. A good thought feels light and inviting. A bad thought feels heavy, fearful, anxious, angry or stuck, etc. Every thought you think does this in one way or another and every feeling or emotion that you can bring up can be released by this method.

Even physical problems cause a thought of some kind about the physical problem that brings with it an emotion that you can feel. And generally, when a physical problem causes stress and distress, it brings up negative thoughts and negative emotions about it. It is quite common that when you release the negative emotions about a physical problem, the physical problem becomes less of a problem and heals much easier and quicker or dissipates all together simply because the emotions that caused the problem are no longer there to support it.


Now, there’s something about your emotions that no one has likely ever told you.

Every negative emotion wants out, meaning it wants out of your body and experience. In fact, when negative emotions come up and you feel them, they are essentially asking your permission to leave. They do not come up just to give you a bad time. They actually want to leave your body and experience. Or more simply, they want to evaporate.

But… you must give them your permission. Your emotions cannot randomly leave your experience unless you specifically do something to allow this to happen. It’s a control element the subconscious mind uses to prevent emotional chaos.

Most of the time we do not give our emotions permission to leave because most people have no idea they can do this. We just feel bad and curse our problem and so it tends to stick with us until we do something that we hope will change our experience. You know, therapy, burning bowl ceremony, ritual, screaming into a pillow, etc. But the truth is, when we feel an emotion about a problem of any kind, physical or emotional, it simply wants to exit the premises. Evaporate. True story.


Emotional Computing?

Think of a negative emotion as a virus, document or file in your computer. When you want to delete any of these from your computer, you click “delete”. Instantly you get a box that says, “Are you sure you want to delete this?” At this point. you must click “Yes” for it to leave your computer, right? You must give it your “permission” to leave your computer or you might inadvertently cause damage you don’t want to have to deal with. Your emotional self works basically the same way.

On the other hand, saying “No” is how to keep a problem. And when you complain about your physical or emotional or financial or whatever problem and disapprove of it, you are basically saying “No” to it. Same goes for ignoring it, medicating it, eating to make it go away, shopping, sex, drugs and any other means one might employ to shove the bad feelings down. This is just like clicking “No” in your computer when you are given the choice to delete something. This means it stays in your computer to cause further trouble. Emotions do the same thing.

But when you click “Yes”, it leaves your computer and is no longer a problem. And when you use the Core Method to release the emotions around a physical or emotional problem, you are also essentially saying “Yes” and giving your emotions your permission to leave and they do so quite happily and instantly.


Now I will explain the basic premise of
why negative emotions exist.

When you feel a negative emotion, you are experiencing a “lack” feeling. Something is missing. There is something you are wanting and do not have. Whether it’s anger, frustration, guilt, shame or whatever emotion you experience, you feel it because there is something you want that you just do not have.

And what is it that you want?

There are three basic things we all want in life that relates to all experiences, no matter what it is. When we don’t “Have” any one or more of these, we feel an incomplete feeling. A longing. A “wanting” feeling. An emptiness that cries for fulfillment. A lacking feeling that nags at us until we obtain what’s missing.

What are the three things we all want?

They are-

Safety/ Security.

These three affect everything in our lives.

And when any of them are missing, we experience “wanting” control, “wanting” approval and/or “wanting” safety.

What is the power of “wanting”?

Wanting is not having.
Wanting is lack.
Wanting is emptiness.
Wanting is incompleteness.
Wanting is hollowness.
Wanting is like saying “No”.
Wanting is one of the most insidious problems in the world.

2,500 years ago, Buddha said, “Desire is the cause of all suffering”.

He was right.

Desire is wanting and wanting is not having. This means every time you express a desire to have something, or in other words, “want it”, you are basically telling your deeper self that you do not “have” it. The feeling this wanting generates is one of “Lack”. Of not having. And because our deeper self is creative and can only work with what you give it, what does your deeper self do with this “wanting” feeling kind of information? It gives you more of the same… more wanting! More “Lack”.

Know this… you exist in either one of two states at all times. Either that of “wanting” or that of “having”. If you have a car, you don’t want a car. Unless you want a better car. When you get that better car, you no longer want a better car. You have a better car. Notice how you can only experience one or the other, “wanting” or “having”. Same goes for every other feeling/emotion you can possibly have. Happy emotions are a “Having” feeling. Negative emotions are a “Wanting” feeling.

Here’s the Good News…
Having Is A Good Thing.
Wanting Is The Problem!

And herein lies the magic of this concept…

Letting go of “Wanting” control, approval or safety “Automatically” leaves you in a state of “Having” them! You want happiness? Let go of “Wanting” happiness. There is only one other state you could possibly find yourself in once you let go of wanting… “Having”!

It’s like ones and zeros in computing.

There are only two states you can exist in… “1s” and “0s”. Or “wanting” and “having”. If you have a car, you don’t want a car. If you want a better car, you set your intention and move toward having it. Once you have it, you no longer want it. You have it. You may want better health. Wanting it just prolongs not having it. Let go of not having it and you change your mind about what’s true. Then your body goes to work to improve your health to match your new belief… “Having” better health.

You may want a better job or a new and wonderful relationship. Let go of wanting it and you come into a state of having it. Then your subconscious mind goes to work correcting the outer to match the inner. Wanting and Having are your only two options in life. Which would you prefer?

Having control, approval and safety is a good thing!
Wanting them is the problem!

When you complain about your problems, you are basically saying “No” to them and you end up “coping” by turning to your favorite method of coping/distraction whether it be shopping, drugs, sex, video games, movies, alcohol or whatever. And by coping, you are sending a message to your deeper self that basically says one or more of the following…

“I don’t have control” which means “I feel out of control!” or “I don’t have approval” which means “I feel disapproved of” or “I am disapproving something” or “I am disapproving myself” or “I don’t have safety” meaning “I don’t feel safe or secure!”

This is why I tend to say, “Coping Is Crap!”

So, the solution is to let go of the feeling of “wanting” these so you can experience the feeling of “having” them because you can’t want and have at the same time. You can only do one or the other.


The magic of emotional release!

When you feel bad about something, you can change how you feel about it in seconds by using this method to let go of “wanting it to change” so you can experience the feeling of “having the change”. This is how it works with emotions/feelings… and the change is immediate. (With a little practice, OK?)

With the Law Of Attraction, when you are experiencing the emotional state of having something, you increase the possibility exponentially that it can actually come into your experience. This means when you let go of “wanting” and experience the feeling of “having”, you send a new and positive message to your deeper self that says…

“I have it now. I’m complete”.

Whether you actually have the new thing or situation or not is irrelevant. That you “Feel” like you have it means everything to your deeper self. There’s a confidence and calmness in owning the assumption that what you’ve chosen now belongs to you.

It’s the feeling of your emotions that your deeper self or subconscious mind responds to. When you experience the feeling of “Having”, you experience wholeness and completion. And with the LOA, it’s this feeling of wholeness that your subconscious responds to by attracting into your life what you “feel” you now “have” in order to make your inner picture and outer picture match!

This is the power behind the “Law Of Attraction”.
It’s the “Feeling” that gets the blessing! A Neville Goddard thing!


The Giant Amazon In The Sky Metaphor.

Here’s how it works…

You know what you want. That’s called desire. You’re in a state of “wanting” that thing. Remember, wanting is not having? So you go to Amazon and find it. Once you’ve clicked the right buttons and submitted your order, your state changes. Now you’re in a state of “ownership”. You now have the right to fully expect delivery of your chosen item, right?

Do you try to control “how” it gets to you? No! That’s not your job! You confidently allow Amazon to handle that. Do you try to make the delivery happen faster than is possible? No! That’s not your job either! You sit back and relax knowing Amazon will deliver your item in a timely manner.

Your job?

Decide what you want and place your order. That’s it! That’s how you become the owner of what you choose for yourself. Choose it and order it. How do you order it? You release Wanting it so you naturally come into a state of Having it. That’s how you order Anything! Your subconscious mind takes over from there.

The State Of “Having” Is The Magic!

Amazon’s job? Take responsibility for how it will get to you and make this happen in a timely manner. Cut and dried. Same goes for the Universe and the creative process! Manifesting only calls for you to do two things… chose what you will have – and order it… or release wanting. The rest is all outer intention stuff. Not your job! That’s just how it works.


Now, back to your emotions.

Think of a problem you are dealing with in life.

Notice how it makes you “feel”. The story about the problem is a head thing. The feeling or emotion about it is a body thing. Just ‘know” what the story is. Do Not spend any time in your head “thinking” about it for this method.

Once the story is in your head, your intention is set.

Now it’s all about the emotions down in your body. Put your awareness down in your body and “feel” the emotion about that story. This is where all the real work is done. Notice where in your body you feel this emotion and…

Ask yourself, “Does this feeling bring up wanting control, wanting approval or wanting safety?”

How can you know which it is?

You know it by the clutch or catch you feel in your chest, gut or anywhere in your body when you say them slowly one at a time with a focus on it. One or more of these three will give you a feeling in your body of “That’s the one!” What’s happening is your Core is responding to your thoughts. It’s the “Strong/Weak” response.

Simply be aware of the problem or story. Then “Feel” the emotion it brings up and then slowly ask yourself and focus on each one… “Does this feeling bring up wanting control, wanting approval or wanting safety?” The “clutch” in your gut or body will tell you which it is. Then release the emotion by putting your awareness into your Core and scanning up and out. Work on them one by one. Only takes a few seconds each. In fact, you can do about six months of therapy in ten minutes with this method.

Now do the Method.

With this emotion or feeling in your awareness, become aware of your center.
In the next moment go deeper and put your awareness into your Core. Doing this
through the Column Of Releasing Energy (CORE) in your center is all it takes to release any emotion you may be feeling and it happens in seconds.

You really only need to do this for a second or two. That’s all it takes for it to do its work. Then check the emotion again. It will have diminished or disappeared. The center or Core of your body center is a doorway to emotional freedom. And because your Core is so sensitive, a second or two of focus into it will generally do the trick.


But, there is something else I do.

If I’m not in a hurry and want to take time with this method, another thing I do is hold my hand so my fingers point toward my center and slowly direct my awareness to specific chakras or points in the center of my body from my tailbone to my head. It’s like directing the energy of my awareness with my fingers right into specific points in my center.

Sometimes I get a hit in one place and not another. I think this has to do with the fact that the chakras are located at different positions along the spine and they are each connected to different organs and affect different emotional frequencies.  So I slowly move my hand up, pointing my awareness with my fingers until I get a very real “hit” and that felt sense of the change in that “wanting” feeling. It changes to a feeling of release, calmness or “having” it. Having control, having approval or having safety actually feels good! It’s a sense of completion. Fulfillment. Wholeness. A felt sense of “Peace and Calm”. Non-attachment.

You may even get a little laughter with a release. It comes up naturally from deep inside when you release and connect with your highest self. Not always. But the more you do this method, the more likely you are to experience this spontaneous laughter bubbling up from the depths of your soul. This is the natural joy that lives there within you.

So your awareness or consciousness focuses on your Core in your body center, carrying the awareness of that “wanting” feeling. (control, approval or safety) into your Core at the center of your body connected to that particular wanting feeling by pointing your fingers at it. The emotion then releases instantly. But I may just hold my awareness in one place for a while simply because it just feels so darn good!


Disapproval = Self Destruction!

This is one of the biggest and MOST damaging things we all do! For example, when you can’t get what you want, you disapprove of yourself and what happened and then you beat yourself up. When you do something stupid, (by your judgment) you disapprove of yourself and then beat yourself up. Put yourself down.

But even more, whenever you don’t like what someone else has said or done or you don’t like some situation or group, you may very well disapprove of them or it. All feelings of disapproval end up with you beating yourself or someone else up because disapproving of anything is a negative thought and our own conscience will hold it against us.

Did you get that?

Disapproving of anyone or anything is a negative thought and your conscience or subconscious mind will tend to hold that thought in terms of somehow, you were bad for thinking that way. Then it tends to become a karma thing that must be settled or balanced. For the most part, the ego will try to justify this thinking so you can feel ok about it which almost never works at your deeper levels of being. But the spirit knows better. And since the ego loves conflict even with yourself, it will tell you to beat yourself up. Something the ego loves but is a Very unloving thing to do.

The idea is to eliminate all unloving thoughts and feelings. Whenever you catch yourself being unforgiving or disapproving, do the Method. Clue… EVERYTHING on the Issues List (upper right-hand corner on this site) and a lot of what you think of that is Not on this list is unloving. Let it all go by doing the Method. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. They will tell you when you feel bad about a thought. When you feel that way, do the Method. Hold the thought in mind. What does it bring up? Wanting control, approval or safety? Carry that thought into your center and up. Take a breath. Check again.


Reasons You Will Get Stuck In An Emotion.
These Things = Self Destruction too!

There are a few things we humans do to get ourselves stuck in an emotion.
Resistance – We fight against the emotion. Are you resisting the emotion?
Judgment – We make it wrong to feel the way we do. Is it really wrong to feel it?
Attachment – We want something to be a certain way. Does it have to be that way?
Aversion – We DON’T want something to be a certain way. Does it have to be different?
Disapproval – Described above.
“It’s not OK…” – It’s not OK to let go of this emotion. What’s the payoff for keeping it?
Beat yourself up! – What we do when we fail. Do you really deserve that?

I could write paragraphs on each one of these like I did Disapproval because there are many different aspects to each one. But this would turn into a book! (if it hasn’t already) So I hope you get the point.

If you’re having any of these reactions to your emotions,

…you can simply focus on the feeling/emotion that the issue causes and do the release by asking yourself, “Does this feeling/emotion bring up wanting control, approval or safety/security?” You will get a “felt sense” of the answer to this question. Do the release by holding the thought of the “want”, whichever one it is, and put your awareness into your Core at the base of the spine and bring your awareness up the spine and out the top of your head, all within about one or two seconds. This simple little mental visualization will “light up” your Core and cause a change in how you feel about that thing. That’s all it takes. And if it helps, point your fingers at the very location at your spine you place your awareness and follow it up. Then check back with the issue and see if you still feel the same way – or has the intensity of the motion come down – or has it dissipated altogether.

Your body is simply a tool you use to experience. All of your experiences are perceived by your awareness. You ARE your awareness! Your Awareness is your Most powerful tool! Used correctly, it will change your life!


A Reality Transurfing Connection…
(One of Many!)

In Vadim Zeland’s book, “Reality Transurfing” as mentioned above, there is a concept called “Excess Potential”. This is when you give too much importance to something like getting that new job or impressing that other person so they will like you or hoping that big contract will be approved or you’ve set a big goal that you really want to see become reality, etc. You may tend to make it a bigger deal “emotionally” than is necessary. This means the thing you want deserves an appropriate amount of your attention but too often, we tend to give these kinds of things way too much of our attention and emotions and then we get all emotionally tied up and stressed out over it. Then we do the things in the list above which translates to “excess potential”.

According to Reality Transurfing, your excess emotional energy/potential about that thing will attract what are called  “balancing forces” which will come in and cause chaos. This is when you get flustered or frustrated or feel fear and anxiety over this important thing in your life and you feel out of control. Then, all too often things just seem to fall apart and we end up disappointed and all because we wanted something we felt we didn’t have. Namely – Control, approval or safety.

If this is happening to you, look at the list above of…

“Reasons You Will Get Stuck In An Emotion”

That’s what “Excess Potential” is. You are doing one or more of those things to yourself. If you get that this is true for you, follow the instructions in blue below that list and you will be able to release the excess potential. When it comes to dealing with anything that you get anxious about, it is always Far more effective to relax and calmly allow the process to evolve for you… “with ease”. “Having” control, approval and safety is how you create your world. Wanting them is how you fail. Release “wanting” and you will “have” your dreams.


3 Emotional Qualifiers – Are These Blocking You?

We have many conscious, personal and even hidden reasons why we do things. Why we don’t do things. And why we fail at doing things. But there are 3 that are common to All of us.

The first of these three qualifiers is…

Do I Deserve It?”

Basically, this means, Have I paid the price for it? Have I suffered enough for it? Have I given up enough for it? Have I sacrificed enough for it? Do others agree I deserve it? Etc.

The second one is…

Am I Worthy Of It?”

This can mean things like, Am I of the right character? Am I clean/pure enough? Do I have the right qualifications to have it? Am I righteous enough to have it? Have I fulfilled the proper steps to have it? Have I repented enough to have it? Do others recognize my worthiness? Etc.

And the third one is…

Do I have a right to it?

This can mean things like, Is it fair for me to have it? Am I justified in having it? Do I hold the right position to have it? Do I hold the right authority to have it? Do the right people acknowledge my right to it? Do I have the legal right to claim it? Do I have the proper credentials? Etc.

You see, just these three alone, “Do I deserve it?, Am I worthy of it?, Do I have a right to it?” They are all different qualifications we tend to hold ourselves to and any one of these three alone, unfulfilled properly, according to our own deeply held values, can sabotage our efforts and be reason enough to cause one to believe deep inside, unconsciously, that they should not have that good thing in their life… and they may not even know it. These three are part of that category of “Hidden Beliefs” that trip people up.

In fact, it’s possible that, right now, you relate to one or more of these questions – now that I’ve mentioned them. Am I right? I mean, think of something you really want in your life and ask yourself these three questions as you think of it. Think of it, and as you do, notice how you feel in response to each question. “Do I deserve it? Am I worthy of it? Do I have the right to have it? If you felt any kind of “UGH!” or any kind of weak or down feeling in your body, this is your subconscious mind telling you you’re not going to get that thing. And this is what’s meant by being “up against” that other 90 percent… or what you don’t know about yourself… your subconscious mind.

This is why it’s SO important to pay attention to your feelings/emotions. They will tell you when you are going against something going on inside of you. And as soon as you notice this…

Use The Method!

It will release you from the effects of these three qualifiers and all others you may have hidden within. True Story! Just follow the instructions here and in time, you will notice how it just seems to get easier and easier to make things happen in your favor. You have the power. Just remove the blocks to it and watch your life change!


Do you play Chess?

Something you need to realize about using the Core Method or Any method of emotional change work/release. This bit of advice will also apply to the Law Of Attraction and Reality Transurfing…

In the beginning… Be Patient”.

It’s like playing Chess. If you don’t know how to play the game, I can teach you and have you playing in 5 or 10 minutes. But for you to get any good at the game is going to take time and experience. If you come at this or Any method thinking you’re going to change your world by tomorrow, you’re going to be frustrated and go looking for the next shiny object. And you will stay stuck in your present world.

And I know you don’t want that!

Again, if you ever feel any impatience with the Core Method or Law Of Attraction or Reality Transurfing, slow down, take a breath… and use the method. Release all impatience. You can use the method 10 times in one minute. That’s how simple and easy it is. And each time you do, you will make progress. Soon, maybe a couple of days, maybe a week, you will be able to get powerful results with one application.

2 seconds!

What’s more, this method will make any other method or technique work better and better… if you give yourself time to get experience. The more you use it, the better it works. True Story.


The Four Systems

First, consider the power of your “Awareness”. This is not just something you have or do. Think of it as a part of yourself that is “you” that you can place wherever you like. (Hmmmm… is this how psychic ability works? Just a thought. )

You may be familiar with the phenomenon where you’re out in public, maybe quietly sitting and having lunch and suddenly you get the feeling someone is watching you. You turn… and look them directly in the eyes! Not an uncommon occurrence. This is because “Awareness” affects whatever you place it on or in. That person “placed” their awareness on you and your Core responded to it!

This is why it’s such an important part of this method. Your awareness doesn’t just take in information. It actually affects the things you place it on or in. Hold your hand out and place your awareness in your palm. Soon you will feel a tingling or warmth or itchiness or some kind of change because your awareness is sitting on it. Try it.

What happens when you direct your awareness into the Core energy column of your body? Along with accessing and connecting with your Higher Self or Infinite Beingness, there are also four major energetic systems in your body that I believe are affected by this method. When your awareness passes through your body into your Core, you are affecting your…

*Heart Field – which can be measured up to several feet out from your body.
*Central Nervous System – running down your spine and affecting your entire body.
*Governing Vessel – which is the main energy meridian of acupuncture which runs down the spine. It starts at your upper lip, runs up over your head and down your back to your tail bone.
*Chakra System – which connects into your spine area. And the balance of your chakras is affected positively each time you direct your awareness into your center this way.

Directing your awareness into your body center or Core stimulates it which gives “space” to the existence of the emotion you are releasing and “allows” it to simply “Be” because your Core is the center of your experience of unconditional love. All resistance dissipates in the presence of unconditional love. This causes your body or deeper self to instantly relax and release or let go of the “wanting” feeling and come into an experience or feeling of “having” that which was missing before. “Having is your natural state!” In that instant, you experience a feeling of “wholeness”. That true sense of calm and peace. “Completion”. “Fulfillment”.

Doing this every day with all the different emotions that come up makes you more and more clear of negativity and “baggage”. You find you can release negative emotions quite easily and on the spot. And then you realize there isn’t a single negative emotion you have to put up with. And finally, you come to realize that you have become “Imperturbable”. This is where nothing and no one can bother you.

Oh, you may feel agitation in a moment here and there. But in the next, your new habit of releasing kicks in and you let it go. And within seconds, you’re right back to that calm and peaceful feeling you’ve come to know and love. Really quite a blessing.

And That is the Core Method.
Well, most of it. The rest comes with experience.


Understanding “Problems”

Problems exist in two parts… the “story” – and the “emotion” the story generates.
If either of these is missing, there is no problem.

You can’t make the story go away. It’s recorded in memory. You’ll always be able to tell the story. But you Can make the emotions go away with the Core Method. This turns the story into what I call “a can of green beans sitting on the shelf in the back of the pantry.” You know they’re there, but you just don’t care. This simply means once you release the emotions to a difficult story or experience in your life, you will be able to think about or tell the story and feel calm about it. Your reaction to the story will be neutral. You will be free of the effect it once had on you.

And if you do the method and don’t notice a change right away,
… do not assume it did not work. Yes, it did. It worked on what you applied it to. But maybe what you applied it to was not the real problem after all. Ask more questions of yourself. Maybe it’s just a different way of saying it. Dig a little deeper by sitting quietly with the thought/emotion and let it tell you where to direct your awareness. When you come up with it, apply the method again to the feeling your inner self directs you to.

Then feel what’s left. If there’s any of that feeling left, do it again. Control, approval or safety? Often our stories generate layered emotions. Do the method on what it feels like and then do the next emotion. Do them in turn until you feel neutral and at peace about that story. It only takes seconds for each one and it all works in seconds.

Take the time every day to learn to pay special attention to your emotions down in your body. Be aware of them. Welcome them up! The negative ones want out! Give them your permission! Just focus on the feeling/emotions in your body. Not the story in your head. Stay out of your head as you do this method. Just “know” what story makes you feel bad then focus down in your body and feel the emotion about that story and do the method. It doesn’t take long to clear a lot of “baggage” with the Core Method.

Do this method with every negative emotion that comes up. (Every single one!)
With the kids.
The wife/husband or significant other.
In traffic.
At work.
The in-laws.
Old memories of trauma.
Anxiety about a future event!
Money problems.
A big, important meeting.
Speaking in public!
Making videos.
Since it only takes seconds to do, you can work with lots of emotions very quickly.
In fact, you can do 6 months of therapy in a half hour with this method!

And the more you do it, the better it works. You’re building a new relationship between your head and your heart. They are communicating! Then you build “momentum”. A powerful force for long term healing and emotional health and happiness.

Make a new habit of doing this with yourself for five or ten minutes or more every day and you will become lighter and lighter. In fact, the more you do it, the better it works and the better you feel and the more you accomplish! Soon you will begin to feel the natural calm and peace that dwells within your spirit all the time. It’s actually there. True story.

I’ve used this method and taught it to others for quite some time with excellent results. Please tell me of your experience with this method if you use it, OK?

My blessings to you and Thanks for reading. ❤️

Now, go back to the top and really become engaged with this method. Put it to work for you and see what happens. Take your time with it. Just a little experience and I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised at your results. 😊


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I've been an observer of the internet for many years. For some very important reasons due to recent events in my life, I've decided to do something worthwhile on it. At least I hope it will be worthwhile.
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