The Issues List

Center Of Releasing Energy
Issues List

Learning the Core Method is not difficult. With a little time and practice, one can learn how to truly eliminate all of their negative and unloving thoughts and experience a true sense of peace.

The purpose of the list below is to help one stimulate thoughts, memories and deep lost memories of pain, trauma and negative experiences of life, negative beliefs, limitations and in general, as much of one’s baggage as a list can dredge up so that one can use the Method and seriously begin cleansing the heart and mind of all that causes so much unhappiness in life.

The idea is simply to scan down the list and as you focus and see the words, certain ones may bring up a memory or feeling. That is where you may feel the “clutch”. A “felt sense” somewhere in your body that there is some unresolved feelings about the subject the word represents to you. Something from your past that holds the key to a little more freedom from pain.

This is when you do the Method. Let the feelings come up. In fact, welcome them up because, by the very fact that you feel them, you may be assured those feelings and emotions want out of your body and life.

This list is by no means comprehensive. But it is a good start that can lead the mind to remember so much more if one will be open to all that is held within and allow it all to come up knowing that you have the perfect tool to release and let go of it all and gain the mental and emotional freedom so many wish they could find.

Take your time as you observe the list. Let each word or phrase linger in your mind for a moment and give it a chance to pull up any memories or feelings that might be associated with it. If there is a feeling or clutching sensation somewhere in the body at any time as you browse the list, this is a signal that there is some kind of negative energy associated with it and very likely a story behind that feeling as well. You may not even consciously remember the event that caused you to react to a particular word or phrase. But rest assured, if you have any reaction at all to anything on this list, your subconscious mind remembers and is telling you, “Please let this go.” Take the time right then to release on it. If there is no reaction, no clutching feeling anywhere in your body, keep moving down the list.

Don’t try to do the list all at once. There is just too much here for that to be effective. Do a little of the list or a few short sessions during each week. At different times you will be in different moods. A word or phrase may reveal itself to hold a secret on another day that may not have come up today. Be patient and open. As you do the work on yourself, you will not only become lighter in spirit, but you will get better and better at releasing. You will also be developing the habit of releasing on a regular basis. In fact, the most powerful part of the CORE Method is the habit of using it every day.

Doing the work on yourself daily will generate momentum as the Method works better and better for you. You will also teach your subconscious mind that you are truly listening to it. That you care about the pain hidden deep inside. It will become more and more willing to give up its secrets and reveal them to you as you develop a very real sense of trust between your head and heart, one of the keys to true emotional and spiritual freedom. You will develop a relationship with your inner self that will serve you in wonderful ways that you can’t imagine now. I guarantee the freedom and peace that will come will be worth it.

When you can go down the list and feel nothing for any of the words or phrases on it, you may very well have come to a state of Imperturbability. A state where nothing and no one bothers you. From there it is easy to experience Beingness. Your Highest Self. Your Unlimitedness. Peace. But do NOT assume you will never have to do this work again. It must become a part of your lifestyle. A little work every day to maintain that wonderful peaceful state of body and mind.


This is one of the biggest and MOST damaging things we all do! For example, when you can’t get what you want, you disapprove of yourself and then you beat yourself up. When you do something stupid, (by your judgment) you disapprove of yourself and then beat yourself up.

But even more, whenever you don’t like what someone else has said or done or you don’t like some situation, you may very well disapprove of them or it. All feelings of disapproval end up with you beating yourself or someone else up because disapproving of anything is a negative thought and our own conscience will hold it against us.

Did you get that? Disapproving of anyone or anything is a negative thought and your conscience or subconscious mind will tend to hold that thought in terms of somehow, you were bad for thinking that way. Then it tends to become a karma thing that must be settled or balanced. For the most part, the ego will try to justify this thinking so you can feel ok about it which almost never works. But the spirit knows better. And since the ego loves conflict even with yourself, it will tell you to beat yourself up. A very unloving thing to do.

The idea is to eliminate all unloving thoughts and feelings. Whenever you catch yourself being unforgiving or disapproving, do the Method. Clue… EVERYTHING on this list and everything like it that you think of that is Not on this list is unloving. Let it all go by doing the Method. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. They will tell you when you feel bad. When you feel that way, do the Method.

With these thoughts in mind, begin here… 

Short List

A little hint before you begin:

As you go down the list below and on into the Deeper list, when you hit on a word or phrase that causes a clutching feeling in your body or brings up a charged memory or emotions, clear what shows up by releasing on it. Then, refocus on the thought and notice if there is any of what I call “residue” feelings in the background. Sometimes I call it “background feelings” or just “background”. Sometimes I hold the word or thought in my mind after I’ve released on it and say “A little bit”, meaning there is still a little bit of this feeling or emotion left somewhere in there and it’s just not clear.

It’s sort of like the dust in the air after an explosion. The difference being this emotional dust can linger indefinitely and then accumulate unnecessarily. It may be an unclear feeling that you can’t quite describe, yet you have the sense there’s “something” there. There may very well be nothing left after you release on it. But if there is, clearing the background or residue brings a real sense of clarity, peace and calmness inside. And with practice, your awareness will begin to notice your internal state more quickly which gives you the opportunity to clear negativity before it has a chance to accumulate and weigh you down. Pretty neat.

Universal Limiting Core Beliefs

Below is a list of limiting beliefs that are very common to about everyone. Scan this first list and notice when you get a clutch. Use the Method on it and then move to the next one on the list. Clearing on this first list will move you along more quickly. This list comes from a Google search using the search term “limiting beliefs about __________” (insert your goal or subject).

Money Procrastination:

I lack motivation.

I procrastinate too much.
I don’t have time.
I don’t have enough resources.
It’s too late to change.
I have too many responsibilities.
I have no clue who I am.
I have no clue where to start.
I have no clue what I’m doing
It’s too hard
It will take too long
If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all
I’m too tired
(fill in your own) 

Money Beliefs:
(The word “money” means having “lots” of it, whatever “lots” means to you.)

Money is the root of all evil.
My ego is involved in my relationship with money.
My ego does not want me to have a lot of money.
My ego is standing in the way of my success and progress.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money is hard to come by.
There’s not enough money to go around.
I can never have enough money.
Rich people are corrupt.
Having money is being greedy.
It’s not spiritual to have money.
Only some people get to have money.
I have to work hard to have money.
My prosperity takes away from someone else’s prosperity.
If I spend too much money, I won’t have any money.
I have to struggle to survive.
Money causes problems.
If I have money, I’ll just lose it anyway.
God must not want me to have money.
God will punish me if I have too much money.
God will not love me if I have it too easy in life.
God will only love and bless me if I’m suffering.
It is more spiritual to sacrifice my desires for the good of others.
It is more spiritual to struggle in life.
If I have money, people will be jealous.
If I have money, people will just want me for my money.
I’m not good with money.
I can’t save money.
I never have enough money.
It’s more spiritual being poor.
I can’t have a lot of money and still be spiritual.
Getting paid to help people is wrong.
It’s not fair to get paid to help people.
Taking money for helping people taints the experience.
It’s just not feasible for me to make real money doing what I love.
One is not supposed to enjoy their work.
Working sucks but that’s the only way I can make money.
I can’t make more money than my dad/mom.
If I do better in life than my mom/dad, I’m afraid they wont love me.
Making money the easy way is cheating.
Money makes the world go round.
Rich people are stuck up.
Rich people think they are better than everyone.
I have to feel guilty for having money.
It’s a hassle having money.
Having money causes fights about money.
Not having money causes fights about money.
Rich people get there by taking advantage of others.
I’m not worthy of having money.
There’s not enough money in the universe.
I am separate from money.
It’s bad to want money.
It’s bad to have money.
It’s filthy to be rich.
Having money makes me evil.
I can’t have money.
Other people get to have money, but not me.
I’ll never make money.
I have to do something, other than what I want, to make money.
I don’t have enough money.
I can’t produce anything worthwhile.
My ideas to make money are worthless.
Rich people are evil.
God wants us to struggle.
God wants us to suffer.
I have to suffer to get close to God.
Rich people don’t make it into Heaven.
I have to sell my soul to have money.
Rich people are greedy.
Making money is a pain.
Making money is hard.
I have to hustle to make money.
More money goes out than comes in.
I can’t handle having money.
I don’t know what I’d do, if I had money.
Having a lot of money scares me.
If I have money, people will be after me for money.
I hate thinking about money.
People who try to sell me something are bad because they just want my money.
If I have money, I’ll be one of the people I hate.
I hate money.
I hate what money does to people.
Money is frustrating.
I give up when it comes to money.
I’m powerless over money.

There’s a benefit to me for not having money: Example… If I don’t have money, then I don’t have to pay my bills. I can use not having money as my excuse for not paying my bills. That way I feel I’m being honest about not paying. I won’t have to pay that person back for the same reason. People will have pity on me because they know I can’t afford to do anything. People won’t expect too much of me. I won’t have to change my situation/comfort zone in life. I can’t afford to join in activities so I always have an excuse to be left alone. Poor me. Not having money helps me feel justified about my depression. Not having money matches my poor self image so I have the perfect excuse to wallow in self pity. Etc. 

Money has power over me.
When I think about money, I shut down.
When I think about my debts, I shut down.
I don’t have enough money to enjoy my life.
The economy is bad.
I can’t have money.
Jobs are hard to come by.
I can never get ahead.
I’m stuck when it comes to money.
I’m limited when it comes to money.
I’m blocked when it comes to money.
Money causes stress.
Money controls me.
I get nervous, when I think about money.
I’m not destined to have money.
It’s impossible to make lots of money.
Only, a select few get to have money.
It’s shameful being rich.
If I have money, I’ll lose all my friends.
If I have money, others won’t have money.
I’m afraid. I’ll never have money.
Money slips through my hands.
Money is a curse.
I’m going broke.
I’m broke and stuck.
I’m not good enough to have money.
I’m not willing to do what it takes to make money.
I have to work hard, scramble, struggle, suffer, and pursue money.
I don’t deserve money.
I don’t know how to make money.
Money is a sin
Being rich is a sin.
Money is dirty.
I’m poor.
Poor people are more happy.
There’s a shortage of money.
If I work hard, I’ll never be rich anyway.
Jobs suck.
Money is a pain in the neck.
You have to break your back to make money.
I don’t have any money.
It’s tough times.
I really don’t want money anyway.
Money will change me for the worse.
No matter what I do, I won’t make any money at it.
A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
Always share, a considerate person shares.
Anything worth having is worth working for.
Banks ignore the little guy.
Be smart and get a job.
Better safe than sorry.
Do not question authority.
Don’t ask for too much from life or you will be disappointed.
Don’t fight for what’s mine.
Don’t stand out.
Don’t take on more than you can handle.
Don’t waste money on silly toys.
Don’t ask for too much from life or you will be disappointed.
Easy come, easy go.
Enjoy it while you can.
Everything is so expensive.
Everything will work out somehow.
Get an education, it’s the only way.
Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
Hard work never hurt anyone.
Hard work pays off.
Have to work hard to get anywhere.
Having money brings too many problems.
I am a poor manager of my money.
I can’t let people know how poor I am.
I can’t, I always, I shouldn’t
I can’t accept gifts of money.
I can’t afford it.
I can’t afford to take a vacation.
I can’t budget.
I can’t pay my bills.
I don’t deserve to have what I want.
I don’t ask for much.
I don’t take myself seriously.
I believe others consider me insignificant.
I don’t deserve that.
I don’t have the time to take a break.
I don’t need much to live on.
I don’t need to have fancy things.
I don’t want to be greedy.
I feel guilty about earning a high salary.
I have to work hard for a living.
I just can’t keep track of money.
I just can’t save money.
I need him/her to look after my money for me.
I won’t buy anything unless it’s on sale.
I’m not smart enough to earn a good income.
I’m not smart enough to manage money.
I’m not worth that.
I must suffer to get anywhere.
I need someone to take care of me.
If I don’t buy my children what they want, they won’t love me.
If I make lots of money, everyone will want a piece of me.
If you don’t pick up a penny, you aren’t worth a penny yourself.
If you don’t work you do not eat.
If you pay full price, you’re getting taken.
If you practice long and hard …
If you work hard you will succeed.
It’s a man’s world.
It’s embarrassing to have more money than …
It’s my duty to help him/her through hard times.
It’s not spiritual to have too much money.
It’s shameful to have too much money.
It’s a sin to be wealthy.
Just wait till you grow up and …
Justice is reserved for the rich.
Life is a bitch and then you die.
Money burns a hole in my pockets.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
Money is a worry.
Money is hard to come by.
Money is scarce.
Money just upsets me.
Money is power.
Money only buys material things.
My children will love me if I buy them what they want.
My family’s needs come before mine.
Never ask for money.
No one appreciates me.
No one owes you a living.
No pain – no gain.
Only weak people forgive.
Opulence is a sin.
People take advantage of me.
People will love me if I’m generous.
People won’t like me if I’m rich.
Play is a waste of time.
Poverty is a virtue.
Poverty is a disgrace.
Practice makes perfect.
Prosperity is reserved for the rich.
Quitters never win and winners never quit.
Rich people are crooks.
Rich people are lucky.
Rich people are never happy.
Rich people deserve respect.
Sacrifice yourself for others.
Save money for a rainy day.
Security is money in the bank.
Share your things. Share what you have.
Since I have money, I just have to help those who don’t.
So and so is filthy rich.
Someday I’ll get lucky.
That’s highway robbery!
That’s more than I need.
That’s not good enough for me.
That’s too good for me.
The money will come from somewhere.
There will never be enough.
They are just lucky.
They did it to me.
This scheme will solve all my problems.
Waste not, want not.
We’ve always done it that way.
What a waste of money!
What goes around comes around.
When you do a job always do a little extra.
Who does she think she is to want that!
Why wait for tomorrow?
Women are just second class citizens.
Work before play.
Work hard and you deserve the best.
You are just like your (brother, mother, etc.).
You are lazy, dumb, slow…
You can always do better.
You can’t have everything.
You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
You don’t get anything for nothing.
You have to have money to make money.
You never finish anything.
You never know how long you’ll last.
You will never amount to much.
You will never be good enough.
Your only friend is your dollar.
Your time is worth more than mine.
I’m not worth more money at my job.
I’m an idiot with money
I’ve failed in handling my money properly


I’m not good enough to meet people/attract men/women
I’m not attractive enough
I’m not ready for perfect relationships
Once I’ve fallen out of love that is that―I can’t get it back.
What I have experienced in the past is likely what I will experience in the future.
My partner has to do something different in order for our relationship to work.
I can’t improve the relationship by myself; it takes two.
I need different conditions to make my relationship work (ie: if only had a job, didn’t have kids,
had kids, had more money, weighed less, were more trusting, he hadn’t cheated, she liked sex
more, etc.)
I am powerless to change my life.
Love relationships don’t require work. They should be purely magical.
If this relationship doesn’t work, I will never have love again.
I’ve never been in a relationship that lasted; this one probably won’t either.
Men/women aren’t trustworthy.

For Women:

– Men are pigs
– Men just want sex
– If I’m not married there’s something wrong with me
– I’m not complete without a man in my life
– Men try to control me
– I always give my power away to the men in my life
– I don’t trust myself with a man
– I don’t trust myself when I’m alone

For Men:
I can’t be attractive to women just the way I am.
I need a car, a house and lots of money, and I need to brag about them all the time.
Sex is wrong/dirty/a sin.
If I don’t get laid there’s something wrong with me.
Women don’t enjoy sex.
You have to bribe them with money, gifts or marriage, so that they “give it up”.
All women are “sluts”.
A woman who expresses her sexuality freely is not “relationship material”.


These three are core to many beliefs. They are…
I don’t deserve it.
I’m not worthy of it.
I have no right to it.

Check these with your beliefs about money and anything else good you want in your life. Including people, as in the best mate or a particular job or vacation. Whatever good you desire, check these three.

I should be able to make lots of money, but I can’t.
I do not deserve success and happiness.
I need to think positive every day to change my limiting beliefs.
If someone cheats me or betrays me I have to get even or live with resentment.
If I were happy, I wouldn’t do anything.
Feeling bad motivates me to change things.
If I do not give people what they want, I will end up all alone.
I should have worked this out by now.
I cannot earn a living doing something I like.
I better stop wanting; if I get my hopes up, I’ll just get hurt.
If I fail, I should feel bad for a very long time and then be really scared to try again.
If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, (it’s best to) hide it and hate it.
I’m not good enough for a relationship with someone good enough for me.
I can’t trust myself.
I don’t know what I want.
I don’t take myself seriously.
I’m a lightweight in life.
People don’t take me seriously.
I minimize myself.
I’m just not a real player in life.
Others minimize me.
Others tend to ignore me in important matters.
I get ignored in group conversations.
People don’t listen to me.
I must play small so others feel safe, happy, etc.
Others don’t take me seriously.
I just don’t feel like I’m up to it.
I’m just not smart enough to play the big boys/girls game of life.
No matter what I do, I should be doing something else.
If I’m successful, people will not like me.
If it hasn’t happened yet, it never will.
If I make a mistake, I will have to live with it.
I want bad things for myself.
Sit still, be quiet, don’t fool around
Don’t be so stupid.
Why can’t you be smart like …
You don’t know anything.
You are a good for nothing.
You’re a dummy/turkey/idiot/jerk.
Ask a stupid question and you get a stupid answer.
Don’t stand out
For a smart person you have no common sense.
Get a good education
You are lazy
You’re dumber than a bucket of rocks.
You know better
You live on the wrong side of town.
You never finish anything.
You can always do better.

Names Others Might Have For Me

If a name you know you’ve been called is not on this list, use the method on it if it has a negative charge for you.

dumb ox
goof ball


Food and Health
Clean up your plate, other people are starving in Africa.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Don’t waste food
Life is a bitch and then you die
Cigarettes stunt your growth
Coffee stunts your growth
Don’t take more food than you can eat
Don’t eat sweets or you will get cavities
Don’t talk with you mouth full
Eat, you are so skinny
Eat a balanced meal
Eat what is put in front of you
Eat your .. and you’ll live to be a ripe old age
I can’t stop eating
I get three colds a year
Life is short
You are too fat. No one will marry you
You always have to eat breakfast
You are what you eat
You are only young once


How to find your own limiting beliefs

There are many more limiting beliefs you can find simply by doing a quick google search for “limiting beliefs about (your goal)” You can also find limiting beliefs by stating your goal and then your current situations and allowing your mind to provide you with all of your hidden beliefs.

For example your goal may be to manifest wealth and your current situation may be having financial problems) then ask yourself “What would a person have to believe about (goal: money, relationships, women, men, sex, etc) to (state current situation: have financial problems, be poor, be dateless, be friendless, fail at all their goals, etc.) Example: What would a person have to believe in order to experience failing at business? Start listing everything that comes to mind. Do the method.



The Dentist (or Other Medical Fears)
Enclosed Spaces
The mail
Physical Pain
Public Speaking
Riding in Cars
Selling/Cold Calls
Social Phobias/Anxiety

Areas Of Life

Personal Power
Self Esteem
Health and Body
Grief and Loss

Spirituality and Food

Consider if this is true for you:
If your spirituality is important to you, then you may have had this experience.

When you’ve had a large meal of comfort food and feel bad, you may feel bad in two ways. One is you feel bad physically from the amount of and kind of food I ate. The other is you may feel you’ve been bad for not exercising more self control. So you start beating yourself up. As a result, you may feel like you don’t deserve to be spiritual. So you may feel disconnected from your spirituality. You may even feel angry or disappointed etc. at yourself for eating so much. So you disapprove of yourself and beat yourself up. You may even feel you must punish or deprive yourself in some way. What’s worse, you may get short tempered at yourself for all of this. You may even end up being short tempered at others as well. But you know they don’t deserve to be treated badly for your own mistake. So you feel even worse about yourself and feel you must punish yourself even more. This may make you feel like you want to shut others out and isolate yourself. But you may be stuck in your situation and can’t escape. This may make you feel frustrated and you may become even more angry.

Etc, etc, etc.

Use the method.

Going Deeper

I’m not enough                            I’m not good enough
I lack self confidence                  I lack self respect
I’ve lost my dignity                     No matter what I do, it’s not good enough
Nothing I do works for me       All this anxiety
The future scares me                 What if it all falls apart?
I feel dirty                                    I’m fearful
I hate myself                               I have jealousy
I’m ashamed                               I have grief
I don’t want to live                    Full of anger
Full of hatred                             I hate my life
Self doubt                                   I’m so stupid
I’m not smart enough              No matter what I do, I can’t win
I feel humiliated                       I feel like a victim
Why me?                                    Nobody cares
Why am I such a loser?           Feeling ridiculed
I don’t belong                           They make/made fun of me
Feel like an outsider                So much pain in my life
All I do is struggle                    I don’t count for anything
I’m not important                    I’m disgusted
How dare they!                         Nothing to show for my life
Poor self image                         I’m such a failure
It works for everyone but me      Fear of being honest with people
Afraid to speak my truth        That terrible thing that I did
Loss of innocence                    I’m fat
Nobody wants me                    I’m invisible, nobody sees/hears me
I don’t believe in love             No motivation
I’m stuck                                   I can’t move forward
I eat too much                         I drink too much
Addicted                                   There’s not enough for me
My lack mentality                  I don’t have enough money
I don’t make enough money        Constant financial struggle
Repeated failure                     False pride
Lying to myself                        Lying to others
I can’t forgive myself              What will happen if I do?
What will happen if I don’t?    Big ego
No confidence                         Nowhere to turn
Wish I could run away/hide           Afraid of not being ready
Afraid of being ridiculed        Not this again!
I’m too old for this                 Afraid of violence
Dissatisfied                             I can’t do this alone
Poor me                                   People take things away from me
They just want my money        Satisfied with less than the best
I don’t trust myself                I don’t trust others
It’s too late                              I’ll never make it
It has to be perfect                I have to be perfect
I always lose                           Can’t trust people
Can’t trust me                         People always let me down
I give up on me                       My mind is always so cluttered
I can’t think straight             Nothing makes sense
I give up on others                Other’s turn their back on me
May as well not even start          No faith in myself
I don’t want to have to do this      I hate being forced
Powerless to do anything about it       I’m not ready for the truth
I’ll lose their love if…                 It will hurt if I’m totally honest
It will hurt others if I’m totally honest         Honesty scares me
It’s not safe to be honest          Being honest with myself scares me
Don’t know what to say          I’m no fun
I’m not interesting               I have nothing to offer
I’m nobody                           Money makes me important
I’m nothing without money          No money means I’m not free
Nobody wants me                  I’m not pretty enough
I’m not good looking enough          I’m too old now
I’m afraid of boredom            My life is worthless
I deserve what I get              I’m too skinny
I deserve to be treated badly        I deserve pain
I deserve punishment            I make stupid mistakes
Fear of what others think of me           My opinion means nothing
Promises to myself mean nothing         I don’t trust my feelings
It’s too ease for me to break promises       I don’t trust others promises to me
I have scary thoughts                       The future scares me
I don’t deserve to have it so good           I’m no one special
I come from the wrong side of town             I don’t deserve my own loyalty
Failure scares me                               I’m afraid of the future
Success scares me                              It’s not fair
Life sucks                                             I can’t win
Afraid to be honest with myself      Afraid I won’t know what to do
Life is not fair                                     I never win
Sacrifice is necessary                        If I don’t give it all, they won’t love me
I miss all the good stuff in life         I have all this work to do
I never have any fun                         Good people must suffer to be deserving
I have to be responsible                    If I don’t do it, it won’t get done
I always have to clean up the mess           It’s always my fault
Why should I have everything I want?              Why can’t I have what I want?
Fear of living                                       I must work to deserve my place in the world
It isn’t right if it comes easy             Hard work is the only right way
Disgusted                                             What if I can’t do it?
What if I’m not enough?                   What if they laugh at me?
I just want to hide                               Suicide
It’s harder to live than to just die       Part of me wants to live/die
Fear of dying                                       Wanting to be separate
Don’t want to be controlled by God            Don’t want to let God in
I must follow the rules                       I always break the rules
I’m worthless                                        It’s no use
What’s the use?                                    I’m afraid of the mail/bad news
May as well pack it up                        There’s no love without money
Nobody loves me                                Nobody wants me
What will happen if they find out?        I’m a threat to other people
Certain people scare me                    Others will hate me if I have it too easy
Fear of losing everything                  She hates me
He hates me                                        I can’t stand him
I can’t stand her                                 Out of control
I’m scared                                    My life is a mess and I don’t know what to do
They don’t want me to be happy             I can’t afford it
I can’t keep up with them                  I can’t do what they do
It’s not right to have so much             People should help me
Nobody will help me                          Why are they so mean to me?
Why do they treat me like this?             Nobody listens to me
I’m invisible                                         It always falls apart
Now what do I do?                            I’m doomed
Just when I think I’ve figured it out           Something always goes wrong
I can’t win for losing                          I expect trouble
It’s not safe to stand out                   I’m defenseless/vulnerable
Other people control me                  I can’t defend myself
I’m not smart enough                 If I do well, I will lose the love of my family
I don’t know what I want                There’s safety in poverty
I always get blamed                           I can’t decide
I never know                                     Charging money for my skills is wrong
The wrong kind of attention         If I don’t succeed, nobody will want me
I can’t have money AND be spiritual            There’s never enough
I’m always lost                                  Aimless
No direction                                       Pointless
I have nothing to offer                        I don’t deserve love
I’m unforgivable                                 People want the wrong things from me
I don’t know any other way to live     Survival is easier than taking responsibility
I’m afraid to rely on others                People are out to get me
People let me down                           People just want what they can get
I don’t deserve happiness                   I attract the wrong attention
I’m afraid to hurt their feelings         I’m afraid to hurt his/her feelings
I’m afraid of authority                       I hate authority/responsibility
My own pride messes things up        I’m afraid to grow up
I can’t take care of myself                    I’m such a screw up
I’m afraid of my parents                   I must prove myself before I can be loved
They think I’m worthless                   I always mess things up
I must control everything                   I’m damaged goods
It never turns out right                        He/she controls my life
I’m worthless                                         I’m afraid of what they’ll do
I’m nothing without a man/woman in my life         I don’t matter
It’s uncomfortable having more than my father           I don’t belong here
I’ll never live up to dads/moms expectations             I have no right
I feel out of place because I have so little               They won’t let me
If I make it, I’ll just lose it again                        Who am I to do big things?
He/she controls my life                                    Who am I to have so much?
I’m not worthy of this                                   Everyone disagrees with me
I always have to fight for what I want         They control my life
I can’t afford it                                            I’m too young/old
I’m uneducated                                        I’m not strong enough
I’m not that kind of person                 Others get all the breaks, not me
It’s too risky                                        What if I fail?
It will take too long                         It’s too good to be true
Something will happen to mess it up       I make it and then lose it all
I knew it wouldn’t last                               Afraid of being taken advantage of
I don’t understand                                   I have to save the world
The weight of the world is on me             Always stuck
Always end up back where I started            It’s always the same ‘ol crap
Nothing ever changes                                 Unlucky in love
Bad luck follows me everywhere              I can’t seem to get ahead
Fear of loss of love                                       Fear of being ridiculed

I’m afraid I’ll try and fail and end up proving I really just can’t do it.
In the end, I’m afraid I’ll find out that I’m really Not what I dream of being.
I’m afraid there’s no real substance to my existence

Getting over “this” problem

Sometimes the very act of letting go of an issue has its own issues. This list gives you more resources to delve into your own mind and heart and discover the blocks to happiness. If any of these below hold a charge of any kind, simply release on it just the same as anything else.

I’ll feel deprived if I get over this problem.

It isn’t right for me to just let this go.

I want justice and if I just let this go, I won’t get justice!

I’ll feel cheated if I just let this go.

I want them to suffer the way I have suffered before I let this go.

It’s not fair for them to go off and live happily ever after while I still hurt.

What if I just let this go and then it happens again?

I don’t trust that letting this problem go will change anything.

I don’t trust myself to get over this problem.

I don’t trust others to help me get over this problem.

I’m too embarrassed to get over this problem.

God will not forgive me for this problem.

I cannot let go of this problem because if I do, ...

I don’t have the right to get over this problem.

I’m not worthy enough to just let this problem go.

I don’t deserve to get over this problem.

I deserve to suffer because of this problem.

It’s not right for me to get over this problem.

I’m afraid to get over this problem.

I’ll lose control of the problem if I just let it go.

Getting over this problem will cause more problems.

Others won’t let me get over this problem.

I don’t believe in this method of getting over this problem.

I don’t want this method to work.

I don’t have any intention of getting over this problem.

I need this problem because it justifies my anger. (Or other emotion.)

This problem is too severe/too big to get over.

I’m not capable of getting over this problem.

I’m too angry to get over this problem.

They will take advantage of me if I get over this problem.

Having this problem helps me stay angry at those responsible.

I need my anger about this problem to be strong.

I’m too intolerant to get over this problem.

I’m too guilty to get over this problem.

I’m too unworthy to get over this problem.

I’m too _________ (fill in the blank) to get over this problem.

I don’t love and accept myself enough to get over this problem.

I have too many problems and limitations to get over this problem.

I want or even need to keep all these problems.

I may or will never get over this problem.

I don’t deserve to get over this problem.

It isn’t safe for me to get over this problem.

It isn’t possible for me to get over this problem.

I won’t allow myself to get over this problem.

Getting over this problem won’t be good for me.

Getting over this problem won’t be good for others.

I have a unique block to getting over this problem.

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I've been an observer of the internet for many years. For some very important reasons due to recent events in my life, I've decided to do something worthwhile on it. At least I hope it will be worthwhile.
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